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Free Market Analysis

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Free Market Analysis

If you are thinking about selling your home in the near future, you need to know its value. Value is dependent on a number of criteria. Some of those criteria are obvious, such as size, location and condition. All other factors being equal, a house with more square footage is more valuable than a house with less. A house on the beach is more valuable than the same house would be three blocks from the beach. A new or newly renovated house is more valuable than the same house would be in disrepair and in need of updates.

Other criteria are less obvious and often amorphous, such as neighborhood, layout, style, specific upgrades, the state of the local market, and economic indicators. This is where professional expertise and experience comes in. Your Noble agent is familiar with various local neighborhoods that are particularly sought after as well as the types of upgrades that bring the most value to resale. She can compare the favorability of layouts that set one house apart from another of equal square footage. She can apprise you of the local market, supply and demand, and trends in days on the market, days to offer, days to closing, and other factors that will impact the time you should allow for the sale of your home and perhaps your subsequent home purchase. Your Noble agent is aware of economic indicators such as jobs and wage growth, and interest and mortgage rates that influence home sales and sale prices. No one has a crystal ball, but there are certain factors that substantively impact the experience of every individual property on the market. Don’t you want to know how those factors will impact the sale of your home?

Noble agents are available to perform and prepare a free market analysis of your home. Your Noble agent will visit your home, gather relevant information from you and public records, then compare your home to similar homes that have sold in the past months in the same area, making pertinent adjustments, to arrive at a range in value and a recommended list price for your home. The comparative process and the reason for any price adjustments are explained to you so that you fully understand the value your Noble agent has ascribed to your home.

Of course, Noble Realty Partners hopes that after you have worked with a Noble agent and witnessed her work ethic and expertise, you will choose to list your home with Noble and go on to have a rewarding experience throughout the process of marketing, negotiation, and closing. But you are under no obligation to list your home with Noble Realty Partners just because you sought a market analysis. The market analysis is entirely free, courtesy of Noble Realty Partners.

It is vital that you know the real value of your home as you plan for your future move. Noble Realty Partners are expert and eager to assist you in assessing where you stand in the market. Please contact us as early as possible so that we can make the best preparation for your sale!